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How to rescue a loyal customer

You have customers, and that’s a good thing. If you have loyal customers, that’s a better thing. Loyal customers don’t just buy stuff from you. They often are emotionally attached to your company. In their minds, they wave your brand’s flag. Best of all, they enthusiastically talk to others about your company’s products or services. (Depending on your organiation, replace the word "customers" with any group you must have to keep your doors open--like patients, donors or clients.)

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The Chick-fil-A way of handling a complaint

Chick-fil-A took away my coleslaw.

At the drive thru last month, they told me right over the speaker. No more coleslaw. It is off the menu. And just like that, my Chick-fil-A go-to order for many years went poof. No more “Number one combo with slaw instead of fries and an unsweet tea.”

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